Video analytics is a powerful technology that enables users to optimize their use of video surveillance. Rather than shifting through hours of video footage to identify potential security issues or anomalies, video analytics can be used to automatically alert personnel in real-time when cameras detect motion or suspicious behavior, such as object left behind or object taken away. Analytics can immediately notify personnel when cameras have been tampered with, limit the opportunity for data loss. Overall, analytics alerts enable users to increase security, maximize investments in personnel and take a more proactive stance to gain greater situational awareness.


Beyond security, users can leverage the power of intelligent video to empower their staffs to do more with captured video by leveraging video data for business optimization purposes. Video analytics automates the monitoring of video and brings a new level of intelligence, allowing businesses to truly understand the ins-and-outs of their daily operations. Real-time data helps surveillance personnel make effective and immediate decisions to improve customer service, manage employee actions and in retail, can help determine how marketing initiatives affect buyer behavior.


One example is the use of videoanalytics in order to ensure the safety in swimming and therapy pools etc. Such systems are commonly referred to as Anti-Drowning Systems and are using underwater cameras in order to detect objects or persons at the bottom of the pool. When a detection is made the system automatically send alarms to mobile devices carried by lifeguards.

Video Analytics