Recording Systems

As a result as the high resolution offered by Megapixel cameras there is a  need for a high throughput of data from the cameras to the recording device. Today most manufacturers promote their so called high end PC-based system to handle 128 cameras or even more. However, such systems are limitted by the running of both a consuming OS and graphics in addition to the incoming information from the cameras. As a result these systems normally only handle up to a maximum of about 20 cameras with resolution 2 Mpxl cameras @ 20 fps. The system performance is further limitted by the motion detection and other consuming add-on functionallity like POS and LPR. 


Based on this we have decided not to supply such systems. Neither do we supply systems based on traditional capture boards for analog cameras.


Instead we have focused on teaming with companies manufacturing professional systems supporting up to 5Mpxl cameras @ 30 fps on all channels and at a normal price. Furthermore there is a line of hybrid DVRs supporting both analog, HD and Megapixel cameras.