BioStar 1



BioStar 1 is a comprehensive access control and time and attendance management software featuring TCP/IP based system architecture with intelligent IP devices and terminals. It supports a wide range of third-party devices and integration with other business systems. It is the optimal solution that results in cost reduction and flexibility in design.


BioStar Basic Edition SW

BioStar 1.x Basic Edition is an ideal solution for small to medium sized enterprises. The software covers up to 20 devices and supports integration with various database systems, event monitoring, T&A management and reporting features.


BioStar Standard Edition SW

BioStar 1.x Standard Edition offers powerful and comprehensive access control features for full scale applications. Standard Edition controls up to 512 access control devices with IP camera/NVR integration, anti-passback, muster zone, e-mail notification and visual maps.

BioStar 2

Web-based Open Security Platform


BioStar 2 is a Web-based Open Security Platform and sets the new standard in security.


The powerful biometric access control

framework provides system integrators the

ability to easily integrate with 3rd party

systems and allows software developers

to build new applications & functions into

BioStar 2. Accessibility to BioStar 2 and its

APIs is further extended through cloud



BioStar 2 Extension Framework makes it easy to develop additional functionality.

Furthermore, using the BioStar 2 API

the SW platform can easily be integrated with 3rd party systems.


The BioStar Cloud Service provides access to the platform anywhere through mobile solutions.


New additions, deletions, and modifications of user data on the server are automatically synchronized on the devices configured on the system.


The platform detects all devices connected within the IP network for configuration and installation.


BioStar 2 receives system update notification through the cloud service. All updates can be installed with a few simple clicks or automatically depending on the system setting.


The web-server architecture significantly reduces deployment time by removing the need for software installations in client workstations.


Encrypted Communication

Communication between the server to the client is protected by HTTPS encryption, and communication between server to device is protected by 256bit AES encryption.


Encrypted Information

BioStar 2 also protects user data such as fingerprint, PIN, and password using 256bit encryption standards.


There are two available software platforms - BioStar 1 and BioStar 2.

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