4K Ultra HD 8M@30 fps / 6M@30 fps / 3M@60 fps / 2M@120 fps

Dec 2014


Multiple Streams Ultra High Definition IP Cameras utilize SONY high class CMOS sensor, offering up to 8MP resolution in real-time frame rate with Hyper Dynamic Range (HDR) function, that provides extraordinarily image in high lighting contrast environment.
With state-of-the-art encoder SOC, the cameras are capable of streaming out 4K Presolution real-time with SVGA real-time sub streaming. While multiple Region of Interest (ROI), 3D Noise Reduction are also supported with 8MP streaming for different application scenarios, the cameras only require low consumption power that saves the expense for users.

Besides flexible software features, Z6 is built-in with Auto Back Focus (ABF) function. User can simply adjust focus by clicking control buttons on webpage that makes focus adjustment easier under 4MP resolution and also makes remote focus tuning available after installation.

All cameras are Onvif S compliant.

PoE Illuminators

Dec 2014


PoE illuminators can now be supplied.

True Hybrid DVR

Dec 2014


Our line of hybrid DVRs supporting regular analog cameras in combination with EX-SDI, HD-SDI, HD-TVI or AHD cameras. The DVRs can be delivered as 4, 8 or 16 channel versions with a storage capacity of four HDDs.


All models support text insertion from POS on up to 4 channels, Spot Monitor, Relay Alarm I/O (dry contact) and Mobile Viewer. The very user friendly GUI can be seen on the demo page.


The perfect system for customers wanting to upgrade from analog  to 1080p picture quality without having to replace existing coaxial cables.


3 Mpxl @ 30 fps Speed Dome

Dec 2014


The Full HD Ultra WDR Speed Dome IP Camera transmits digital video and audio data using wire connection. Live video can be monitored and recorded from window-based computer via network.
The video encoder supports real-time H.264 Full HD resolution. Simultaneous Quad Codecs, H.264 Baseline / Main / High Profile, MJPEG, are available for various network applications via speeding or limited bandwidth. Better image quality and high resolution are delivered by IP support.





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Anti-Drowning System

Sept 2015


Introducing a drowning detection system which studies the behaviour of persons in the pool, immediately identifying any dangerous situations.


The underwater video cameras give 100% overview of the pool and capture images which are analyzed in real time by the system software. In the event of drowning danger, the system activates a vibrating acoustic signal on a central monitor or on a hand-held device allowing immediate intervention in the exact area of the pool.


Using a service monitor, all underwater activities in the pool can be monitored by the life guard.

12 Mpxl Mini Fisheye IP  Vandal Proof Camera (Z-D Series)

Nov 2015


Introducing a Multiple Streams Ultra High Definition Mini Fisheye IP Camera with 12 Mpxl resolution featuring 360° wide coverage without blind spots. The mini fisheye camera supports resolution up to  12 Mpxl streaming at 20 fps. Moreover, the fisheye camera supports digital PTZ, panoramic view and several display modes to fulfill the users’ needs. With the compact and concise design, the mini fisheye camera is suitable to use in many kinds of environment, i.e. office room, hotel, vehicles, etc.


Furthermore, the embedded edge dewarping engine enables the fisheye camera to dewarp images by camera rather than backend system. Therefore, edge dewarping technique reduces the burden of backend system and also enhances the flexibility of usage.


The IR LED module and Smart Picture Quality/Noise Reduction improves the image quality in low light environments.

EX Camera housings

Dec 2015


Introducing a series of EX certified camerahousings. Including indoor and outdoor PTZ housings, housings with embedded IR, junction boxes, monitors and cabinets large enough to contain the NVR server.

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