4K2K - Ultra High Resolution

Demonstrating the picture quality and performance of our Ultra High Resolution camera range

HD-SDI Speed Dome

Our HD-SDI speed dome with 30x optical zoom operating at 1080p

Megapixel Speed Dome

Demonstrating our 1080p resolution speed dome with 30x optical zoom.

30x Optical zoom

2 Mpxl PTZ camera

30x Optical Zoom

2 Mpxl PTZ camera

3 Mpxl Speed Dome

Our 3 mpxl Speed Dome


On this page we have uploaded some demo videos showing the qualities of our cameras.

Demo videos


Demonstrates the capacity in situations with strong backlight at 1080p

Continous Bit Rate

Demonstrates the importance of constant bit rate

2 Mpxl @ 60 fps

Demonstrating the picture quality at high speed recordings