We can supply a complete range of infra red and white light LED lighting products specifically designed for the CCTV industry. All illuminators are high efficiency which means they provide savings on running and maintenance costs compared to traditional bulb based illuminators. In addition, all illuminators are vandal resistant as standard and covered with a 5 year warranty.


The Infra Red illuminators are designed to work in conjunction with B&W or Day and Night Cameras providing a light invisible to the human eye but fully visible to the CCTV camera. They pick up images clearly without attracting attention to the camera as there’s normally nothing more than a very dim glow on the unit.

• Invisible to the human eye (apart from faint glow on unit itself)
• No light pollution
• Long distance illumination
• Designed for CCTV/Surveillance applications
• Low running costs
• Optimise camera performance



Selection and use of IR illuminators


When choosing an Infrared Illuminator it is important to consider the compatibility of  the camera and the illuminator including the lens, cover, power supply etc.  In the design of an integrated system, the engineer should considered to design the whole system as a low intensity infrared night vision surveillance systems. It would be a gamble at first to focus on the purchase of cameras, lenses, covers, power supply and even install them before considering the need for infrared illuminators,  When considering the use of IR illuminators one should pay attention to the following issues: