Smart Face Recognition Terminal - PoE



FaceStation perfectly combines beauty and performance. By providing contactless authentication at near real-time matching

speeds, FaceStation offers unmatched user convenience and enhanced security synonymous with biometrics. It is ideal for applications that require convenient & secure authentication and can be used in either standalone or network environments.



BioStation T2

High Performance IP Fingerprint Terminal - PoE


BioStation T2 not only leverages a state-of-the-art device platform to provide an

immense variety of features in a single device, but also takes advantage of Suprema’s world renowned fingerprint technology to ensure speed and accuracy. It is ideal for applications that require a powerful & reliable hardware and an extensive feature set with a convenient user interface.



BioStation 2

Ultra Performance IP Fingerprint Terminal - PoE


BioStation 2 incorporates the latest Suprema technology in a beautiful exterior. It combines a new powerful processor, Suprema's next generation optical sensor and improved fingerprint sensing & capturing algorithm to offer unrivaled performance. BioStation 2 provides users with instant authentication and rapid data

transfer to manage high volume data with ease. It is ideal for applications that requires versatility without compromise in style and performance.

Biometric Devices

Eight various models of biometric devices are available. From BioLite Solo - being a stand alone biometric access control terminal - to large distributed access control systems handling combinations of access code, access card, finerprint recognition and facial recognition. An access control system based on these products can handle information about as much as 200 000 users.


The facial recognition algorithm is so accurate making it possible to distinguish twins, to enroll up to five different profiles per user and to authenticate users wearing hijab.


The accuracy and quality of the products has been certified by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


Access Control & Time Attendance Systems

BioEntry W

Smart Outdoor IP Fingerprint Device - PoE


BioEntry W is a robust high performance fingerprint access control device designed to provide 3-way protection against dust, water and vandalism. BioEntry W also has

Power-over-Ethernet capabilities giving it the perfect edge for easy installation.


It is ideal for applications that require fingerprint technology and can be used with

a variety of installation environments. 

BioEntry Plus

Smart IP Fingerprint Device


BioEntry Plus exquisitely blends the benefits of an IP access control system with the added security provided by biometrics. It is the base of Suprema’s IP fingerprint product line and a good indoor solution to any system requiring fingerprint technology.


Full-featured IP Fingerprint Terminal


BioStation incorporates many fundamental features into a single reliable hardware

platform. Its simple user interface allows users to effortlessly interact with the device

and its large memory capacity provides storage for a large amount of data.

It is the ideal cornerstone of any system requiring fingerprint technology and can be used in either a standalone or network environment.

BioLite Solo

Stand alone biometric access control


BioLite Solo is a stand-alone biometric access control terminal designed for small businesses with no need for a complicated access control system. A user friendly interface ensure that enrolling and managing users are a  breeze.


BioLite Net

Smart Outdoor IP Fingerprint Terminal


BioLite Net is a compact IP fingerprint terminal that has been designed to fit on a mullion mount. BioLite Net’s IP65 rating for protection against dust and water makes it suitable for both indoor & outdoor use and its simple user interface allows for quick easy access to the device. It is ideal for applications that require basic user interaction and a variety of installation environments.