Lift I/O

Secure Floor Access Control I/O Module


Lift I/O is purpose built expansion module designed for elevator floor access control. Combined with a Suprema device and BioStar software, a single module can securely control up to 12 floors via encrypted connection.


Lift I/O can be linked in daisy chain configuration up to 10 devices for control

of 120 floors.


* Compatible S/W : BioStar 1.x Only


Secure I/O 2

Compact Secure One Door I/O Module


Secure I/O 2 provides secure door control via encrypted communication when combined with other Suprema devices. Its ultra-compact form factor allows for use in a variety of installation environments.


* Compatible S/W : BioStar 2 Only


Secure I/O

Secure I/O Expansion Module


Secure I/O provides secure door control as well as I/O expansion via encrypted communication when combined with other Suprema devices.


* Compatible S/W : BioStar 1.x Only


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Access Control & Time Attendance Systems

DM 20

Secure Two Door I/O Module


DM-20 provides secure door control of up to two doors via encrypted communication and also contains two wiegand reader interfaces for use with 3rd party readers. A wide variety of I/O interfaces allows DM-20 to be a part of diverse system configurations.


* Compatible S/W : BioStar 2 Only.


USB Fingerprint Enrollment Device


BioMini provides system operators the ability to enroll fingerprints from any PC running a BioStar Client.


* Compatible S/W : BioStar 1 & 2